Vacsol® Azure (H3)

Solvent based protection for outdoor wood products.

This solvent based, non-metallic preservative is ideal H3 protection of dry finished wood products ensuring their dimensional stability is retained.

Vacsol® Azure contains a combination of permethrin and azole biocides that ensure the treated wood products are fit for all H3 end-use applications

Vacsol® Azure is a solvent based, wood preservative containing fungicides (propiconazole & tebuconazole), an insecticide / termiticide (permethrin), and a water repellent system. It is recommended for the treatment of timber against attack by borers, termites and fungi in above ground situations (H3).

Vacsol® Azure provides protection against Insects including auger beetles (Bostrychidae), powder post Beetles (Lytidae), pinhole borers (Platypodidae) & furniture beetles (Anobiidae). Termites including drywood (Cryptotermes) and subterranean (Coptotermes & Schedorhinotermes) and giant termites (Mastotermes). Fungal decay (including brown, white and soft rots) and fung

Tanalith Ti (H2F)

Termite resistant structural timber.

Tanalith®Ti is an industrial use formulation for protection of timber against insect pests such as borers and termites. This product is approved for use in registered pressure treatment facilities, dip baths or spray units and is suitable for treatment of softwood and hardwood timbers to Hazard Level H2 below the Tropic of Capricorn as defined in AS1604.

A Tanalised Ti® treated timber structure provides insurance that the structural integrity of the building will not be compromised even if termites breach the primary barriers. The additional cost of Tanalised® protection of structural timber for an average house is only a fraction of the typical repair costs where termites cause structural damage.

Tanalised ® LOSP H3 Azure Green Plus – Treated with Vacsol

Carries a 25 year guarantee.

Tanalised Azure Green Plus products have added Copper Napthenate for extra protection against fungal decay and insect attack. This product is designed to be used in outdoor construction and other above ground applications; also indoors for window reveals, mouldings etc.


H2 – Inside, Above Ground, Dry

• Insect borer and termite hazard Framing, flooring, trusses

H3 – Outside, Above Ground

• Moderate fungal decay and termitehazard
• Decking, fencing, cladding, fascia,window joinery, exterior structural timber

H4 – Outside, In Ground

• High fungal decay and termite hazard
• Fencing, greenhouses, pergolas, nonstructuraland landscaping timbers

H5 – Outside, In Ground or Fresh Water

• High fungal decay and termite hazard
• Engineered retaining walls, building poles, pilings and cooling tower fill, structural or critical applications


If you require a guarantee for timber treated by Corbek Timber Preservation, the appropriate forms are avalaible below to
download and print.

Where required to enter the Brand Numbers for your treated product, please choose the appropriate ones from the list

Outdoor Guarantee

For H3 TAN-E Pine 484-58-H3
For H4 TAN-E Pine 484-58-H4
For H4 TAN-E Hardwood 484-58-H4

Tanalised Outdoor Guarantee

Structural Guarantee

For H2 LOSP Pine 484-70-H2
For H3 LOSP Pine 484-62-H3
For H2F TAN-T Envelope Pine 484-74-H2F

Termite Resistant Structural Guarantee

These numbers are unique to timber treated by Corbek Timber Preservation.Forms must be received by Arch within 90 days of building completion.