Since 1999, Corbek Timber has offered a variety of wood protection treatments to protect and enhance the durability and resilience of wood products against decay, mould, termites, fire and other hazards.

In accordance with Australian standards we utilise Lonza’s preservative product range. A leading Swiss based biotechnology and specialty chemical company with a history of use of 70 years in Australia.

Hazard Class as per AS1604

Hazard Class Application Situation Biological Hazard Use Examples


Dry, protected Beetle borers only Susceptible framing, flooring, furniture & interior


Dry, protected Termites and borers Framing, flooring, trusses and similar,
used in dry situations – all areas of Australia


Dry, protected Termites and borers Framing. flooring and similar, used in dry
situations South of the Tropic Capricorn only


Exterior, above ground Moderate decay and termites Weatherboard, fascia, pergolas (above ground),
window joinery, decking & verandah posts


Exterior, ground contact Severe decay and termites Fence posts, landscaping, non-structural
retaining walls less than 1m high


Exterior, ground contact Severe decay and termites Retaining walls, piling, house stumps,
cooling tower infill, piling in fresh water


Marine water contact Marine borers Marine piles, jetty cross-bracing,
landing steps, sea walls

Note: We currently do not offer H6 treatment.

Treatment options

We offer several treatment options under the Vascol & Tanalith product families.
Click the links below to learn more about that we can offer you.

Lonza’s Vacsol® preservative product family are a range of non-metal based preservatives for appearance, structural and engineered wood products.

More about Vascol

Lonza’s Tanalith® preservative product family is a range of metal based water borne preservatives for demanding outdoor, agricultural and utility wood products.

More about Tanalith