Lonza’s Vacsol® preservative product family are a range of non-metal based preservatives for appearance, structural and engineered wood products. The family of Vacsol® preservatives provide protection against decay and/or insects and are available with a range of non-aqueous and water based carriers and optional additives depending on the process end product

requirements. Supported with Lonza’s process and engineering skills, Vacsol® preservatives are an essential component of the modern wood protection industry in our region.

Within the Vacsol® preservative family there is a product option to suit your requirements.

Vacsol® T Timber Insecticide (H2)

Vacsol® T Timber Insecticide is a permethrin based insect control preservative that is ideal for prevention of Lyctus borers and other insects from settling on freshly processed hardwood logs, poles and timber, particularly in spring and summer flight seasons.

  • Readily dilutes in water or solvent based carriers.
  • Applied using spray, dip or pressure impregnation plant.
  • Can be used for temporary, remedial or even permanent protection to timber against beetle borers and termites.

Vacsol® Azure (H3)

Our Vacsol® Azure Concentrate Wood Preservative incorporates carbon-based and biodegradable triazole and synthetic pyrethroid active constituents and can be blended with a number of carrier systems and additives providing customers with a tailored preservative system for their wood protection requirement.

  •  Solvent based carrier.
  •  The moisture content or dimensions of the wood products are not affected.
  •  Ideal for structural timber and engineered wood products.
  •  Effective protection against fungal decay and insect attack for above-ground (H3) applications.
  •  Choice of Flammable, Combustible or Low Odour carrier systems.
  •  Special additives available.
  •  Colour systems available.